Glass Growlight #2

Some working shots from Glass Growlight #2 which now lives at Pine Tree Glass Art in ME

12105811_1112873625409108_1943890954495637415_n 12105829_1112873605409110_1242449645869877392_n 11202842_1112873585409112_3243291081415738810_n 12107995_1112873562075781_4813386734192216617_n 12106706_1112873535409117_4202260544258944712_n 12115763_1112873515409119_5101688481434195623_n 11018363_1112873485409122_7738262582708081952_n 12122497_1112873465409124_209868762036385078_n 11292_1112873432075794_6970643482576902487_n 12106876_1112873418742462_4004999704820990394_n 11754755_1070231393006665_9003520075350781789_o

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